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Thread: Tokio Hotel English - English English 101

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    Default Tokio Hotel English - English English 101

    This is just for fun. I love how the boys miss pronounce things in interviews, it adds to their cuteness. ^_^

    Tokio Hotel English >> English

    Closes >> Clothes

    Yuminoid >> Humanoid

    Don't Are >> You're Not ( I think that's what he was trying to say)

    Willage >> Village

    Every Bun >> Everyone

    Clamsy >> Clumsy

    Chief >> Teeth

    Fanny >> Funny

    Landan >> London

    Weelee >> Really

    Wampire >> Vampire (thanks to _zoee.)

    Tang >> Tongue (thanks to _zoee.)

    Sammer >> Summer (thanks to _zoee.)

    Churmany >> Germany (thanks to KoUrNiKoVa)

    Sveet Walentine >> Sweet Valentine

    Valanteens >> Valentines

    Weeders >> Readers

    More will be added! =]
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    I love their accents waaaay too much! Oh, and I've got some to add, if you don't mind.

    Wampire >> Vampire (*squee* ^^)

    Tang >> Tongue

    Sammer >> Summer

    Okay...that's all I can think of for the moment. :P
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    Churmany = Germany

    Please sing for TH to come to Ireland ... page1.html

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    ahahah, awesome thread
    I'm in love with his pronounciation especially when he tries to sound like an american


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    hahaha this is sooo cute.. ;D
    i got one ;

    sqweem- scream <3
    Just because Bill is beautiful♥ ;3

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