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Dream-Up: To conquer the United States is a dream - 2007

There are 5 different interviews, one with the twins and one with each bandmember.

"To conquer the United States is a dream ..."

This summer, Bill and Tom and their inseparable companions Gustav and Georg fly off to the U.S. Only a private holiday, says the twins. But after having conquered all of Europe, the boys secretly dream about America.

What are your strongest memories of the 483 tour?

Bill: This tour has given us so much more than we had expected. First of all the audience was there, at every opportunity, and what a audience then! Our fans are so wonderfully expressive and created the most magical concerts. And the most amazing thing to discover was that the same frenzy was outside the borders so for this time we played in big stadiums in Europe. No other German artist has succeeded in what we do now.

Tom: We laid down an awful lot of resources to produce the tour. With us we had a team of 50 employees, and the stage was so great that we needed six trucks to transport everything. All that enabled us to surpass ourselves on stage and on the road. From now on we just play in the big leagues.

Why did you chose to extend the tour with more French concerts this autumn?

Bill: The existence of something magical between us, oh, the French audience. At the 483 tour, we played in France in April, first at Zenith in Paris and then at Zenith in Nancy. In Paris as in Nancy, the passion of the fans was more or less on fire. The exchange with the fans touched us so unbelievably, it was so intense that we wanted to extend it. When I greeted the fans at our second concert I had already made my decision to come back to France. And I knew that Tom, Gustav, and Georg shared the same feeling ..

Other bands are now trying to do everything to be as successful as you...

Tom: We know the mechanisms of the music very well. When an artist or group becomes very successful others attempts to imitate them. So, in Germany it is not unusual for newspapers now to describe rock groups as "the new Tokio Hotel". But we are not threatened because we know that our success is not based on any marketing ploys. We have a strong identity as an artist and this is based on years of work and friendship. And most importantly, our relationship with the audience is genuine.

Bill: Our success in France has made other German band want to go there too. But it doesn't disturb us at all. We are proud to be their role models (laughter)

Are you afraid to fail?

Bill: When you've had a taste of of the feeling of standing on stage receiving standing ovations then you can no longer give that up. And for us it has almost become a habit, we have become accustomed to it. In Germany as a result of our sudden success it lead to that we could fill concert arenas with thousand of people right from the start. Since then I can't stand the thought that the fans would turn their back on us. We can't go back to where we were before!

How do you describe the band's future development?

Bill: Things happen very quickly for us. If we're going to be honest we don't have time to plan the future. It is already very difficult to know how our next day will look like. For the most part when I wake up I do not even know where I am. It takes a while in the morning just after I woke up to link the hotel I'm in and in which city and country we came to the night before. It is a very unstable feeling.

Tom: I have secret dreams for the band, some of them also probably a little mad. But dreams aren't meant to be reasonable.

Conquering the United States is that included in those dreams?
Tom: It is true that America is a professional fantasy, as a kind of triumph. But it is far too early to talk about it.

But still, you have planned to go to the U.S. this summer ...
[the interview was made a week before the boys were photographed on vacation in New york, see viewtopic.php?f=46&t=5977 (http://tokiohotel.pop24.de/forum/us/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=5977)

Bill: It is true that a trip to the United States is one of our projects now in summer, but this refuge is a private trip as tourists. We are there not to make the band known, but only for having fun. We all need vacation now in total anonymity and I'm stomping my feet of impatience to go and discover New York. Tom, Gustav and Georg clearly had to come with me on this adventure. So it will be the first trip to the U.S. for us all four.


For you a good summer rhymes with....
- "I will immediately think of freedom and to have fun with my friends, sunshine, sea, but also some memorable rounds of drinks."

Your best holiday memory?
- "One summer, I traveled with Tom and some friends all over Germany. During the holiday times you can buy a discount ticket for the trains and with that you can travel all you want throughout the country. So we amused ourselves by jumping from train to train and never knew where we were going. We were totally happy, to bum around with each other, with some six-packs of beer in our hands."

Your worst summer memory?
- "When we were nine years old mom sent me and Tom to a summer camp, it was a nightmare. We camped for two weeks in uncomfortable tents that leaked. I still have terrible memories from it! Nobody can ever persuade me to sleep in a tent again. I hate to camp!"

Your worst summer memory?
- "I have always dreamed of Paradise as the Bahamas or the Caribbean. On the other hand, I want to come to New York just as much."


For you a good summer rhymes with....
- "Austria, the Alps and my parents. Every year we walked around for two weeks, with backpacks over our shoulders and with our hair blowing in the wind."

Your best holiday memory ...
- "When I was little and my parents sent me to a camp near the Baltic Sea north of Germany, in Mecklenburg to be exact. These moments of refuge was wonderful. There I found many friends and we were canooing along the coast. At the night we camped around a campfire. It was amazing."

Your worst holiday memory
- "My uncle reminded me recently about a childhood anecdote that raised painful memories. I was six years old and for the first time in my life my parents were to leave me alone at home with my grandmother. I fell asleep in the car on the way there and when I woke up the next morning my parents had left without saying goodbye. I thought immediately that they had abandoned me. Inconsolable, I spent the next few days crying in a corner."

Your dream vacation ...
- "To simply have fun with my friends, to spontaneous travel somewhere together, where the actual destination doesn't play the role because it has the feeling of being completely free and able to do what you want. In my view, nothings as exciting as a small impromptu trip after your mood and desire."


For you a good summer rhymes with ...
- "An island on the other side of the earth, beaches with white sand, turquoise water, a burning sun and long naps."

Your best summer memory
- "I have my best memories from my holidays in Spain. On the night clubs where there are always lots of beautiful girls and thus hundreds of opportunities for interesting adventures. When I got there I was all crazy, did not know where I would start. It's fun to come to a vacation spot where there are opportunities to have adventures in every meaning of the word."

Your worst holiday memory ..
- " I haven't had any direct bad vacations since we haven't had time to go, I have seen to amuse myself at the lake or at the local swimming pool. Everything is more fun than having to go to school. A really bad memory? I will think of the school trip that we had to do in a couple of occasions. I hated camp, as much as I hated to see the teacher in a bikini... She was horrible and to see her in a bikini gave me chills throughout the body. I don't know why this nightmares image is still on the retina."

Your ideal vacation ...
- "My dream vacation without a doubt take place on an island with my friends. This scenario, I like to imagine I can see us, myself and my friends compete in jet ski for a hundred kilometers per hour, contests, which of course I win all the time. After these exciting activities of daily living, I go and suns on the beach and then turn up the Olsen twins and very friendly, they suggest that the rub in sunlotion on my back. I let you dreamed up the rest."


For you a good summer rhymes with:
-" Luxury, calm and sensuality ... Luxury for the summer permits me financial debauchery...I spend without thought. Calm for in the summer time seems so irrelevant. I live for a rhythm where I'm not watching the clock. In this way, I can sleep sixteen hours in a row without someone or something bothers me. At last, I can add planning and time behind me. Sensuality, then finally, is that summer is the time when it is time to enjoy, when all your senses awake...In the summer, more than ever, I love to see young beautiful girls."

Your best summer memory ...
-" Among all the beautiful pictures that comes to my mind, I am especially fond of those moments I had in total simplicity with my dog Garon. To go out on long walks, like two old friends, playing on the meadow, have fun on the river, all those moments I feel close to the heart."

Your ideal vacation ...
-" This summer, I have decided to have fun and make some of mine holiday fantasies come true. To begin with, I will invite my parents and my best friend, which is like a brother to me, to a two-week vacation in a tropical sun. The place we are going to I will not reveal but it is pure paradise! There we will live like princes. We will play golf and go out and dive. The remaining time I'll be lazy in the sun and drink lots of cocktails in nice company."

Your favorite destinations ...
-" Like for most my dream destination is like a postcard, a beach of fine sand, paler, turquoise water and a group of beautiful tanned girls ... in summary, therefore, an island in the Caribbean or the Bahamas."

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