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  1. I thought I answered this!
    Slash is man-man.
  2. and slash would be? : )
  3. Het then. I like slash...
  4. Not twincest. with girls and I remember a girl name her dog after Bill ...which I found very funny.
  5. Tom and Bill. Mmm. What kind of Tom and Bill story?...
  6. Well, that's how I discovered TH. I was so bored, so I started reading (At first I had now idea that Bill and Tom are actually real) this story, without knowing it's a fanfic. I can't remember but I quess at some point I googeled them.. and then I saw reden at youtube. And then some time later I wrote couple but now I'm too lazy to do it.. lol.
  7. I didn't like ffs at all. Then... last year, I was curious and started reading some.
    I like dirty stuff. Sorry...
  8. Hehhe, so how do you like fanfics? : )
  9. Yes, the second, rainy!
  10. Because we have like one meter of snow and just probably whine how hot it is there? Okay no..I think it's rainy over there..
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