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  1. Hey. Would u need a new sigature? I want to get back into photoshopping agian I miss it need to fix up my skills
  2. Oh okie. That explains it. anyways i am back ^^
  3. Well, I've been here for nearly two years and we've talked before, so...?
  4. hey why does your name seem so fimillair? o.O etc
  5. hey pocky. *runs up to you hugs you and then knocks you over* ^^ its been for ever chicka
  6. teehee i know how to make those dreads that bill wears ^^
  7. yeah good look with the contest for the hat hood thing. Dont need to enter got one myself before bill got one even for christmas lovin it ^^
  8. Its so freakin fun taklint to you. I miss that. need to talk and be on more often girl cheers
  9. Oh hey! Yeah it has. I've just been really busy lately. What's up with you?
  10. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. wHATS UP? ITS been a long time.
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