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  1. GAH! me too! like...ashamed!
  2. Oh do not feel bad, I hadn't been on in awhile either. I feel like a bad mother neglecting their child.
  3. pretty ok, i havent been on in such i while, it should be a crime
  4. I'm good, how are you??
  5. well yay! lol either way, and ikr!!! lol so how are you?!
  6. Oh that's good!!!! haha, not really I didn't like them, but my dad loved them so. I guess they were some goodness in them lol
  7. ohh but thank god cuz somone one found it for me, wont tell me where or how, just came up to me and was like 'here'......which works for me i guess, but eh and AWWW JEALOUS
  8. Oh no!!!!!!!! That's horrible!!!!!! I'd go insane if some stole mine! They're chocolate chocolate chip cookies!
  9. awwwww!! COOKIES!!! what type where they?! and drinkin my coffee, someone stole my ipod, soo ehh, idk what to do:l
  10. Not much, just about finished making cookies^^, how about you?
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