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    high school friends. quite a few former friends of mine were teen mothers *nod nod*

    and I enjoy doing nothing when I am normally very busy. I'm one of those people that don't need to be chatting 24/7 or shopping or getting girly and other sheiss. I can just sit or read or be on here. I don't even need to converse *shrug*
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    they are so busy with their children and jobs.

    I think they have this idea that relaxing at home or here doing nothing fun, then they might as well just get some sleep.
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    FB? add me

    and it really upsets me that my former friends dont have time to spend with me unless I have cash to spend on them
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    Hiroooo, my Heroooo

    how you doin?
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    people like me don't make many friends xD I got a few good ones on here though. probably 'cus they cant ask me to treat them out somewhere since I live miles away

    both my parents were in the Navy. my mother loved it, I have a few pictures of her firing at the shooting range >_< my dad was a lazy a*s, "not recommended for reenlistment"
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    when you write it that way, it really sounds like art vs science isn't as problematic.

    I just know myself well enough that if I can't have both, I'd be a wreck. they balance me out and keep me sane without being on meds

    I'm so poor, tuition isn't my main concern depending on the school, I could receive up to 90% of tuition money in financial aid. on the other hand, the little I will have to pay is still very much and I hate when my mother has to spend money. one time, she treated me to makeup (i like cosmetology, its kinda like art to me xD) by the time we got home, I had developed so much anxiety that I started crying and I took all the makeup back.

    silly, yes?
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    dont worry, you aren't be a downer xD I tend to analyze everything and I'm aware they are paid sh*t and I remain unconvinced that spending money to go to school to get a degree that isn't going to help me help my family financially is worth it.

    I prefer the biological sciences but again, especially where I live there is a high unemployment of science teachers. they just aren't considered a necessity. but if I go into nursing or an MD program, which is what I had planned... they are incredibly demanding and stressful and time consuming that I wont have time to do anything art related. whenever I'm focused on doing one of those two things, I keep myself in check by doing the other. I'd break down if I couldn't...
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    I wrote all those slashes because I didn't know your ethnicity. white yet black in some places? alrighty then

    i <3 firefighters....... so you can have a piece and a half *nods*

    sounds like you have a solid career plan. lucky xD I want to do everything so I've been having trouble picking a school for a long time now, or even deciding if I need any formal education. I'm very much into art and science ~~~ and I know to work in any scientific field I need to go to school but I'm not entirely convinced I need to go to school for art as well *shrug*
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    naw naw naw, we offered you a piece of dat phat ******* and you said nuuuu you're straight, yadda yadda yadda xD

    everyone tapping that gets a piece of his soul. but you can have a piece too 'cus you are our token whte/blk/azn/mixed guy <333
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    Gussiders can be stingy lovers I dunno if I'm okay with you having all of Gu-san's soul
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