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Thread: The Rules

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    Default The Rules

    1. Please be respectful to one another!

    2. No spamming. Period.

    3. Look before posting a new thread. Does a similar one already exist? Put your message in there then, instead of creating a new thread.

    4. Please don't give out your personal information in the forum! It's just not safe.

    5. Keep it PG-13. If what you're planning on posting wouldn't fly in a PG-13 rated movie, then don't post it here, please.

    6. Don't advertise your website excessively. If your site is inappropriate and does not comply with the forum rules, then please do not link to your site at all in posts.

    7. Please, no "hello" or "goodbye" posts. If you are leaving for the evening, or going to class, or just going to eat dinner (or to the bathroom), please don't make a new post/thread to announce it. We will delete those posts, as well as the replies to them.

    8. Please do not make posts/threads solely to address one person. You should private message them, or email them if you happen to see them online.

    9. Please do not advertise your fanfic or game in any of the forums, unless it is the appropriate forum. If you would like to link to your fanfic or game in your signature, that is perfectly acceptable.

    11. When making a new post, have your subject relate to your message. Don't have a subject line that says "OMG OMG" or "YOU GUYS!!." Please designate what your post is about in your subject title!

    12. Signature sizes are not to exceed 500x300 pixels in size.

    13. Animated .gif images are not allowed in signatures UNLESS they are official Tokio Hotel or Total Assault released .gifs.

    14: Family and friends of the band are not open for discussion unless they happen to be celebrities themselves.

    Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a warning. If you then fail to follow the rule you were warned over, you will be banned.

    Failure to follow the signature rules will result in a warning. If you then fail to follow the signature rules again, you will lose the privilege of having a signature.

    If you have any questions about any of the rules, please view the faq or contact one of the Admins/Moderators.
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    Rules about photos:

    1: Stalker photos are NEVER allowed.

    2: Photos that would be given a higher than PG13 rating are not allowed (manips, for the most part, right now).

    3: Photos of family or non-celebrity friends are not allowed (parents, siblings, girlfriends, etc).

    4: Photos of CELEBRITY friends are allowed (actors, actresses, other singers.).

    5: Paparazzi photos are allowed as long as they do not break any of the top three rules AND they are photos that have been published in magazines or shown on news programs.

    6: No Lies Angeles photos allowed.

    When in doubt whether your photos are appropriate, ASK. Or consider the fact that you worry that they might not be, which could very well mean that they aren't.

    On top of everything, remember that private time is private time, and contemplate showing a bit of respect for that.

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