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I know my translation isn't the best, but I'm not a native Japanese speaker so bear with me

the identical twin Kaulitz brothers , lead the band from Germany.
The bands sound is glamorous and sexy, and unique in the visual.
They have swept the globe, and finally land in Tokyo!

tokyo is a place that we have really dreamed of coming to see. Now that we have been able to come , i’m really /truly happy. – bill

they said that they just thought a Japanese sounding name would be cool, thus Tokio hotel. in 2001 In a city in eastern Germany,12 year old brothers bill and tom kaulitz formed the band. As soon as they debuted in 2005 they became a huge hit/ very popular in Europe. now they have won numerous awards and are popular/ people go crazy for them all over the world . now they are in tokyo and check into the place that their band name originated from. They have become successful in japan, and so they are releasing an album in japan.

the album is comprised of songs from our other albums.( after that he’s pretty much saying it’s like the scream english album, it’s so that people that are first hearing about them can easily get to know the music.) -tom

because the album artwork also has Japanese characteristics , hopefully people that know our stuff can (also) enjoy it/ the content. -bill

You can of course also hear the bands growth, and many different sounds(styles probably) in the album. although metal and techno are popular beats in Germany, tokio hotels is a unique fascinating “groove”.

we aren’t restricted by common sense, we always search for a new “groove” .so of course That’s why the songs feel like they have different moods. -bill

I don’t know how the band will change next, however that’s the charm of this band . therefore in the future perhaps we will make songs that don’t have metal and techno in them.It seems that the band has the freedom to do that(change their sound). -tom

the reason the freedom of the band is respected, they all have different visual “atmospheres”. (It’s just saying they all have different styles and that they respect that -I think-). even among them, bill has a sexy, mysterious appearance that is impressive. in fact in the past he was a model in a fashion show. by the way today he is wearing fake fur and pants by …..dior (I think).

The fur is fake because I’m a vegetarian. Regarding fashion I wear only what I want to. But my fashion is also a musical expression.I try to watch out for style that seems like it will give motivation to everybody(sorry I don’t know how to translate that right :/ ). -bill

Japanese is harder for me to translate back to English than German is , but it's better than a google translation XD
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