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    Unglücklich signature help

    i have one yesterday & today its not showing at all it was nothing bad

    this was my signature picture

    see nothing bad so what happen ??? i can't even edit signature

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    I think it was removed because it was too big. Height 300 and width 500 is max and no gifs. Yours is 586 wide. PM a mod and ask why you can't put a new one in. You might have lost the right to have one or it's just temporary.

    Sig rules:

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    HERE. I don't even know anymore.


    Looks to me like you're on the signature offender's list, which would explain why you can't edit your sig anymore. You see, as it say in the rules:

    12. Signature sizes are not to exceed 500x300 pixels in size.

    13. Animated .gif images are not allowed in signatures UNLESS they are official Tokio Hotel or Total Assault released .gifs.


    Failure to follow the signature rules will result in a warning. If you then fail to follow the signature rules again, you will lose the privilege of having a signature.
    A signature warning is one of those ugly little colourful images that say 'your signature is too big' or 'animated sigs aren't allowed' and then direct you to check the rules. Seeing as you have to notice the change in signature to change it back to something else, it's fully assumed that they are read.

    More than likely you got one and then changed your signature to something that wasn't allowed again, and as the rules weren't followed a second time, no more signature.

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