TH video-interview for MTV Italy - 2007

MTV IT Interview!

Is it your first time in Italy?

Bill: nope, well, we've been here on vacation a couple of times
before, Tom and i have been here before but that actually was a long time ago.

Tom: yep.

Bill: well, we've been pretty young back then but i gotta say Italy is one of my favorite countries, mainly because of the food, you know? I'm a total pizza- and penne-freak and that's why i always enjoy being here. we're having vacations in Italy a lot.

About your sudden success.

Bill: Yeah, that's totally insane. i still cannot wrap my brain around people telling me "you sold 3,000,000 records", boah. we're so successful in so many countries right now and now we got "Europe-tour" written on this banner and- we've just finished that tour- and i still can't really believe that it's really us and that it was really us who did that and it's still totally surreal to me, every time i read something like that I'm totally getting goosebumps and thinking how awesome that we can experience all that right now.

About your name and its reference to Japan.

Tom: Yeah, well, why Tokio...errr, well, we used to be called 'Devilish', we had a different name back then but we never really cared for it. We were, like "OK, Devilish sounds good, let's take that" and, erm, and when we were in the studio we decided that we'd have to get a new name that really suits us and that's cool. That's how we came up with Tokio because we're all very urban people and Tokyo is an ace city with a cool name and erm, yeah. That was Tokyo and the Hotel... we came up with Hotel because it's this sort of constant companion right now, so... well, hotels, that's sort of our homes right now and if you fit them together you get Tokio Hotel and it kinda fits.

About the English album.

Tom: Those english songs, well, that Scream album, err, anyway, that was one of our ideas because we really pay a lot of attention to the content of our lyrics and we were like, i mean, we just went from our point of view and we are pretty lazy when it comes to other languages and we hardly speak any language at all except for german, erm, so we said "let's record a couple of songs in english so people in the foreign countries who are as lazy as we are can understand our songs" and that's how we came up with that. Well, that, it was pretty weird for Bill to sing all that but overall it turned out really good. we're very pleased with the album and yeah. that's the reason why we did it.

About the message in your music.

Bill: That's really mixed... i don't think it's possible to strip it down to just one message in our songs. every song has its own message and every song is telling a different story, i wouldn't eve know how to explain that in one sentence. I'd say with our music it's important to take your time with each song and pay close attention to the lyrics.

Bands which inspire you/you listen to?

Bill: I think that's what Tokio Hotel is all about because we're really all very, very different if it comes to that. we got Gustav who listens to Metallica a lot and stuff and...

Tom: *mumbles* Juschtel... (THAT's why Gustav pinches him! Crack Up! )

Bill: He for example only listens to HipHop, german HipHop and with me, i listen to a whole lot like Green Day and Placebo and Nena and stuff and...

Georg: Oasis.

Bill: Georg loves Oasis, yes, and that's really, i think that's what it's all about. We've never tried to orientate on other people and just say "and we want to make german music" but i rather think it's subconscious. I think everybody is subconsciously inspired by something else and influences our music that way but anyway, we've always done our own stuff straight from the beginning on and have never tried to copy someone or something like that.

Playing live.

Bill: Yeah, that's totally important. we've always played live from the very beginning on and the greatest thing is just going on tour and playing a european tour, right? So that's... that's the best thing, right? That's why you do that whole thing in the first place. Like, interviews and photoshoots and stuff, that just goes along with it but, erm, making music and standing on stage and playing live, that's really what it's all about for us and that's why we do all this. We always wanted to play in front of many thousands of people and now we can and we can reach many, many people and that's brilliant.

The strangest thing a fan ever made for you.

Tom: Erm, the weirdest thing that has happened to us, i mean, i gotta say that there's always a whole lot of stuff going on starting with kilometer long fanletters that are as huge as all of the villages we're from put together, right, til worn knickers, songs and self-written poetry, we got so much stuff already...

Georg: The presents...

Tom: Right! And, there's this thing that happened the other day when we sat in the car and were looking out and next to us there was this totally stylish Tokio car and that's really weird somehow because that girl who drove the car kept looking over to us all the time and almost drove into another car but there's really a whole lot of weird stuff going on. the fans always come up with new stuff.

The strangest thing you ever read about yourselves.

Bill: Oh! well, I think generally there's a whole lot of stuff being said, i mean, in the past years we got used to the fact that there's just a whole lot of stuff being written in the newspapers and if you go onto the net and type your name there's like new stuff written there on a daily basis that can't possibly be all us because we can't even give that many interviews.

Georg: Er, that one article about you being dead...

Bill: Riiight, i remember that one! There was this one article about me being dead and i just sat there and read it and it said something like, yeah, "Bill died..." wherever and however and that, that was really weird. Well...

Tom: We've had bad publicity down to headlines of someone dying... I think we've covered everything by now.

Translator: In Italy, if someone says you're dead, it brings you good luck.

Bill: really? Is that so? Very good! Because i dropped a mirror and that means you're gonna be unlucky and have bad sex for seven years and maybe the death-thing equals that out or something...

Tom: It doesn't matter because you're not having any sex anyway!


Bill: Erm, well, Georg and Gustav have already finished school, they're sadly out of the system and Tom and i quit school at first and were on leave for two years and we're doing some sort of internet school now. We've basically started again and are doing this in addition to our job and it works over the internet. It's like internet studies, basically and...

Tom: And it's dragging right now.

Bill: Yeah. i gotta say, it's really dragging a lot right now because we got a 24-hour job but, erm, we're giving it our best.

Rapport with fans

Bill: Yeah! Yeah, we're very happy of course, it's really wicked, we're still all "Aaah, we're going from here to there" and everything we get to do is really awesome right now. We're really having the time of our lives right now, I mean we get to come here and see all of our fans and of course we're really happy about that.

Festival or concert?

Bill: Weeell, I guess I love our own concerts the most because naturally, it's just our fans and people just there because of you and...

Tom: It's both completely different.

Bill: Yeah, it's both completely different and hence you can't rate them the same but i think our own tour was really unforgettable for the whole lot of us and we had such a good time but festivals are really wicked. Touring around in summer when the weather is nice and playing open-airs is really awesome.


Thanks to Gretta for translating from italian.
Thanks to ¤Cassie¤@THF & Xretinet@THF