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    All I have on here is a Tom One-Shot so far, since most of my writings are on Mibba. I'll add to this if I post more fanfiction on here.

    When You're With Me:

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    So far these are the only FanFics I have on here.

    Grounded [COMPLETE]
    Summery:When Miley and Lilly are stuck in an airport with the German band Tokio Hotel crazy stuff happens. They meet new people and play wacky games and pull pranks.

    Midnight Surprises [COMPLETE]
    Summery: Someone leaves a baby on the Kaulitz twin's doorstep. How will the bundle of joy affect the band?

    How Many Ways Can You Annoy a Rock Band?
    Summery: A series of one-shots on how to annoy Tokio Hotel

    University of Rockstars [COMPLETE]
    Summery: The guys of Tokio Hotel decide to spend a semester at the University of Arkansas

    Bill's Blog
    Summery: Bill decides to respond to Tom's blog by making one of his own.

    The Night Gustav Speaks Up [COMPLETE]
    Summery: When Gustav gets his band members to come with him to a creepy house on Halloween crazy things happen.

    Vow of Celibacy (one shot)
    Summery: After causing the band to be late to many times, Tom takes a vow of celibacy.

    Ready, Aim...Misfire (joint fanfic)
    Summery: A joint fan fic between me and GustavsGirl14. Lets just say drama.

    The Perfect Immortality [Domi and Ariel Joint]
    Summery: A joint fic between Ariel and myself. AU, magic and mysteries, you will enjoy.

    Three of a Kind (jointfic)
    Summery: A joint fic with me, GustavsGirl14, and Gustis-Southern-Punk. There is a lot of drama and fun.

    The Bet (one shot)
    Summery: Georg and Tom gets into an argument and a bet is made, that makes for one smelly situation.

    Jameson Prep [COMPLETE]
    Summery: Rock band, Tokio Hotel gets stuck with the huge band Jonas Brothers and Pop star Mindy when they are all targets of attack. They are all stuck at an accademy, hidden from the rest of society and forced to live with each other. Fights and pranks are bound to happen.

    The Log Cabin [COMPLETE]
    Summery: Life long friends Ally and Demi decide to buy a log cabin, only problem is, there is a set of twins wanting the same log cabin. After discussing they move in together. Will this make them all closer, or will it pull them apart?

    Freedom: Sequal to Grounded [COMPLETE]
    Summery: What happens when they all get out of the airport? Pranks, love, betrayl, fights, it's all there.

    Is it Me You Trust?
    Summery: This story goes with "Do You Trust Me?" By Ripitgirl19. It's from Domi's POV and you get another side to an addicting story!

    When the Day Met the Night [Domi&Amelia Joint]
    Summery: A joint fic with amelialovesTH. Bill and Tom get into an argument and Bill does something drastic. Can he realize his mistake in time to fix it?

    Baking With Tokio Hotel
    Summery: A One shot, cute and funny!

    The Tour Bus
    Summery: A one shot, funny.

    The Zoo [one shot]
    Summery: The boys take a trip to the zoo.

    All the Same
    Summery: Bill is a vampire, a seclusive vampire. And when a girl finds her way into his life, things are going to change.

    Snow Day [one shot]
    Summery: The band is stuck in Tulsa, Oklahoma in three feet of snow. Only fun can ensue.

    Fools Rush In
    Summery: Tom has a one night stand with a girl and thinks nothing of it, but when she comes back with big news he takes a crazy step.

    One Girl (One Shot)
    Summery: Tom Kaulitz is a party guy, until he meets the one girl that changes his life forever.
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    Darkness Turns to Light

    Tom gets a girl pregnant, but she sticks around. - COMPLETE

    Light Turns to Darkness

    Sequel to Darkness Turns to Light

    From the Diary of...

    A bunch of diary entries of people who knew the twins when they were little, or maybe even when they got older. Could involve some future entries about when the twins...turn 50. 60. 89... Who knows? I'm not making any promises.

    You Don't Even Know Me

    Tom has a secret, and he's not telling Bill. - COMPLETE

    Just One Little Question

    Sequel to You Don't Even Know Me. - COMPLETE


    Joint, between me and cowninjababex. Tom dies. How does Bill cope?

    Brothers In Arms

    Bill and Tom, Revolutionary War version.

    Warning: Shirtless Tom

    Yes. That's right. It IS called "Warning: Shirtless Tom" and that is because it involves a shirtless Tom. LOL. Credit for the name goes to cowninjababex.

    It's a one-shot.

    Baseball Tears

    BTW. The name Baseball Tears is "tears" as in I wish Tom had a TEAR all the way down the front of his shirt so I could see his chest. As in...he tore his shirt, now there's a tear in it. Not tears as in crying.

    Another one-shot.


    One-shot. Sad.

    More is in the presses!
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    in your face....


    D.C. Valentine

    Heartbreak. Incarnate.*discontinued*

    Was zum Teufel?*one shot*

    Bitter For Sweet*completed*

    Endlessly, She Said*one shot*

    Just Give Her A Kiss Worth Dying For*short story*

    He Who Spawned the Furies*completed* **I hate this one**

    Now the World*completed*

    Ex Noctem Nacimur*a collection of poetry and stuffs*

    Izzy K and the Fight for Swedish Fish*one shot*

    Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis*author favorite* *still in progress*

    Steevie Says*completed*

    Chariel (the compilation) *temporarily discontinued due to the writer's macabre inability to write under PG-13 for this series*

    Murderous Profession*one shot*

    ******** Scheibe *permanently discontinued with no hope of picking back up*

    Master of Puppets*in progress* *close to completion*
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    "Reversing Pet Peeves" [COMPLETE]: Tom ff. Livia hates Tom for one reason. Can he change it? ;]

    "My Sister's Wedding" [COMPLETE]: Sequel to "Reversing Pet Peeves."

    "The Choice" [COMPLETE]: Two Shot.

    "Breaking Free" [COMPLETE]: Joint Fic with BillsJumbie. DISCONTINUED.

    "You Don't Want Me" [COMPLETE]: Short story.

    "Stardom" [COMPLETE]: Two Celebs. Their story.

    "Secrets" [COMPLETE]: so many secrets.... small group of people....

    "The Girl Who Ruined My Life" [COMPLETE]: Bill and his girlfriend break up. Was it a misunderstanding?

    "Lost and Found" [COMPLETE]: Amanda has no memories of her childhood. Can anyone help?

    "Purgatory" [COMPLETE]: Tom and his friend Mallorie are in a car accident. Mallorie's left in a coma....

    "Baseball Caps and Memories" [COMPLETE]: Anna wants to visit every Major League baseball stadium. Who should join her but the Kaulitz twins?

    "Just For Pretend" [COMPLETE]: Dee's celebrity friend is dating Tom for publicity....

    "The art of Overreacting" [COMPLETE]: One-shot

    "Therapy" [IN PROGRESS]: Alexi joins TH as a therapist... but who's the one that really needs help?

    "Reila" [ONE-SHOT]: Song-fic to the GazettE's "Reila."
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    "Green-Eyed Lust"
    [[with humanoid1993 ]]

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    Err... Ich weiss nicht... Bin ich verloren? O.o


    These are mine...

    Ich Hasse Dich [COMPLETE]
    Kaili is hired as Tokio Hotel's new English-to-German translator, and expects a tour of fun and laughter... What she gets isn't quite what she thought it was going to be...

    Ich Brauche Dich [COMPLETE]
    Sequel to Ich Hasse Dich...

    A CFF Story [One-Shot]
    The story of one insane fan in love with Tom.

    Caged [One-Shot]
    While in Heathrow London airport, Tom gets trapped inside a shop by the security gate. Can the other three guys get help and get him free?

    Like a Phantomrider [COMPLETE]
    In the middle of the night, Bill hops on his motorcycle and leaves the rest of the guys behind as he makes a cross-country trip from LA to New York. But why did he leave? And when he is joined by a mysterious girl along the way, how complicated can it get?

    Such Ich Dich [IN PROGRESS]
    Sequel to Like a Phantomrider...

    The High [Joint Fic with Magicly Emoicious] [IN PROGRESS]
    In high school Tom is the football team captain and Bill is the head male cheerleader. What sparks will begin to fly?
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    My stories:

    Daddy's Little Girl

    Werewolves of Magdeburg

    Lizya & Georgie ~ Love, Power and Tragedy

    Born to Rule (joint with Khaos)

    Past Time (joint with aspietokiohoteldiva)

    The Santa Tom Adventures (joint with many people)

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    My first one so far..

    From Me To You
    Involves both Bill and Tom and each of their relation to the subject of 'love'.
    it's been a long time ; <3

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    My FF's. they're all pretty dumb. Read them though, please! :}

    A Perfect Love Story COMPLETE
    Story plot : A lucky girl wins a contest to get to know Tokio Hotel and stay with them for a few days. Tom plays a prank on the girl and almost drowns her. The story has its ups and downs, mostly downs. -includes a rated R chapter and a rated R epilogue, PM the author for them-

    Far From Perfect
    Story plot: Sequel to A Perfect Love Story. It's been a good year since Tom and Ashleen got hitched. One day, Ashleen finds out that she is, in fact, pregnant. Drama and love is definitely enforced. One of my favorite stories I've written/writing.

    By Your Side COMPLETE
    Story plot : Bill and Tom are cruising in a car when Tom drives too fast and hits a 17-year-old girl. They take her to the hospital. Bill and the girl eventually fall in love, but something wrecks their relationship. -includes a rated R chapter, PM the author for it-

    Away From You
    Story plot: Sequel to By Your Side. After leaving Bill, Cassidy has a baby girl, Madi, and Tom finds her. He persuades her to tour with the band. Bill hates her and their daughter, but does he really hate her, or is he forcing himself to? Meanwhile, Gustav falls in love with Cassidy. This huge love square (no, not a triangle) gets even bigger.


    Forgotten Memories
    Story plot : Lorraine (Raine) was only 10 when her mom married an American businessman when he was on vacation in Germany. Raine and Tom are inseparable best friends, but Raine has to move. She ran into Bill and Tom discovers that Lorraine has been cutting herself ever since she left Germany. With the band, she goes back to Germany and Tom and her fall for each other. But a certain someone gets in between their relationship...

    Silent, she whispered. {Tom]
    All H*ll breaks loose when Tom gets drunk one night and ends up abusing his 8 year old daughter, Jadie. She runs away, takes his cell phone, and calls her uncle Gustav. Tears fall when every parent's nightmares come true. A must read {:

    Dream Boy.
    If you like Silent, she whispered, you're gonna like this. Dream Boy is a story about a lonely girl who suffers from depression. She dreams about a mysterious man almost every night and strives to meet him. When she thinks she meets him, everything goes wrong. Secrets are revealed and love/drama/suspense is definitely included. A must read! :]

    The past.
    Story plot ; Gabby was only 14 when she and her parents just got into a car accident. She's the only one that survived, and her uncle, who's nicknamed Buddy, is now her official guardian. She's growing to be a stubborn person after her parents died. 3 years later, she learns about love. THIS IS ALSO A TOKIO HOTEL FANFIC, just in a different POV. :}

    Our Last Days
    Story plot : Gustav meets the girl of his dreams and discovers that the day he met her was the day she was planning to commit suicide. A few months later after they meet, Gustav is involved in a bar fight and a beer bottle is smashed on his head. Two weeks later, Gustav is diagnosed with brain cancer and is dying.

    [Winner of Best Gustav Centric ; Fall Fanfic Awards 2009]

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart..
    Story plot : Krystelle is in the same class as Tom (his career was smashed into little pieces by some controversy) and has a huge crush on him. But as usual, Tom falls for her friend Michelle. Big problem yes, long story, I don't know. Will not be updated as often. Based on real events.

    Germany and a Couple of Boring Dudes.. Yeah right!
    Story plot: Lia and her mom are going to Germany for the summer. Lia thinks Germany and her cousins, who she never met before, are going to boring. Apparently, her cousins are the rockstars Tom and Bill Kaulitz. In progress


    Oneshots, twoshots, short stories
    Identical Twins? Not Really..
    Tom's very needy in this short story. He calls Bill up to bring him some condoms. Condoms bought off of eBay, a girl with the last name 'Burger', and their neighbor Mrs. Coleslaw don't mix very well.

    Coming soon...

    On Your Porch - Gustav
    Listen to Your Heart - Georg
    Is it too late? - Bill

    These four are coming along, I'll post them when I'm ready :]

    All my fanfics for now. :}
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