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    Oh Yeah, im gonna be a rock star like them. [Bill]
    Due to an accident from Bill Kaulitz on stage, Kayla has become world famous with her voice but has to make a choice between Bill or Tom.

    ~ Love Is Blind. And so was she. ~ [Gustav Fanfic]

    "" Show Me The Light "" [ Fantasy Tom Kaulitz FF] [Tom and Bill]
    Tom falls in love with a vampire but she tries to lose him.

    I Trusted You -[One-shot]- In Every Way
    Tom cheats on his girlfriend Clair, leaving her at the end of her life.[/CENTER]

    From Bra's to Boxers
    Tom switches bodies with another girl, and has to find their way out of it.

    As The Snow Falls so Will I
    Tom leaves her at her wedding because he can't keep lying about the fact that he cheated.

    "Shut Up Drummer Boy"
    Gustav falls in love with Tom's ex.

    Deen In His Eyes -oneshot-
    A fan's long time dream to see Bill at a concert finally comes true.[/CENTER]

    I Need A Vacation From You Tom Kaulitz. I Really Do.
    Tom falls in love with a girl that doesn't like him at all.
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    Wherever Tom Lives



    Too Young To Be A Father
    Tom becomes the father of twins at the age of 15.

    Too Young To Be A Father (Part 2)
    Sequel to "Too Young To Be A Father"

    Pain of Separation
    The twins must deal with their parents' divorce and abuse in school.
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    Hiding in Toms closet/luggage

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    Oh For The Love Of...!!!! [Georg Fic]
    Georg is falling fast and hard at the age of 16 for his best friend Bill and Tom's adopted sister, Ella, who is only 14, and the Twins forbid them from being together, but how long with "the rule" last?
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    My FanFiction:
    Humanoid City: The Phantom Rider

    { These Characters Don't appear all at once! I just have to list them all because it's a wierd thing I do }

    Character List:

    ChosenAntagonist) Bill Kaulitz
    PerrineAntagonist)<--we all know who she is...ha ha ha

    Izzy(Main Orignal Character)
    Oscar(Best Friend of Izzy Orignal Character)

    Sammy: Tom Kaulitz
    Mickey(Orignal Character)
    Kayla(Orignal character)
    Allent(Orignal Character)

    Global Army Officers:
    Georg Listing
    Gustav Schafer


    (Other Characters)

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    (~Killing Me Softly~Gustav FF~)
    Tokio Hotel visits Beijing. Gustav leaves the Hotel room in search for food and ends up in a chinese restaurant where no one could speak english. A Stranger helps him and they become Close friends, Gustav slowly falls in love with her, turns out the girl has a sickness an she's slowly dying but Gustav doesn't know. So many things and juviness happened.

    (~It All Happened Because Of A Small Accident~Tom FF~)
    Ares meets Tom by Accidentally bumping into him causing her to fall down and spill water all over herself. Tom tricks Ares into helping her but ended up pourng more water on her. Ares and Tom Hated each other but it turns out they're love was growing but then Tom screws everything up causing Ares to become best frinds with Gustav and falls in love with him, Tom suddenly is able to regain everything back, so Ares is stuck in Between.

    (~Poisonous Trash~Bil FF~)
    Aiyanna and her band enter a contest and the winner's prize is a recording contract and a tour with a popular musician. Poisonous Trash which is the name of Aiyanna's band had won the contest and they are touring with Greenday. but something bad happened to Greenday and Poisonous Trash had to go on Tour with Tokio Hotel which they dont really like, Prakns were held, and skanks were felt Aiyanna ends up falling in love with Tokio hotel and let alone the lead singer Bill.

    (~This Was All My Fault~One Shot~)

    (~You Cursed Me! But I Still Love You..~)

    Lara has trouble with sleeping since she keeps having nightmares about killing innocent people in the most gruesome ways, a man in her dream tells her to do these things. One day she met this man in real life and she fell in live with him but feeling that way made her have more nightmares. Until one time when she had a nightmare o killing her sister, she really did it.
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    first of all, I suck at summaries...


    Plane Ride

    (Winner of "Funniest Quote" and nominated as "Best One-shot", "Best Tom centric", "Best humor" and "Most creative story"/Spring Fanfics Awards 2010)

    Naomi is the flight attendant on Tokio Hotel's flight to America. Tom likes to use the "Flight Attendant" button..

    Spring Nicht
    (Nominated "Best One-shot", "Best Bill centric", "Best friendship" and "Most creative story"/Spring Fanfic awards 2010)
    Based on Tokio Hotel's song Spring Nicht. Bill wants to jump, but will she allow him to do so?

    The Drive-Thru
    Bill and Tom is at McDonalds drive thru, but something goes terrible wrong.

    The Night Is Darkest Just Before Dawn
    ...She bites lightly in her underlip and for the first time in a long time she feels an urge to scream.
    Her heart beats against the inside of her chest and she gasps after air.
    His voice has stuck on the inside of her brain, it spins around inside her, pressing into her, closes all other thought and sensory impressions out.
    The same words, over and over again.
    They haunt her like a restless soul without the possibility to rest.

    Based on Tokio Hotel's song Schrei

    Just a Joke
    (Nominated as "Best humor" and "Best One-shot"/Spring Fanfic awards 2010)
    Gustav and Georg decides to pull a prank on the twins. They've set the whole up. A wig, a interviewer and of course, the best twins to make each other embarrassed.

    ..."What are you?" she asked, glancing up to look at his face.

    His eyes flashed with pain for a second before answering, "A phantomrider."

    Bill or Tom/OFC
    Based on Tokio Hotel's song Phantomrider.


    Dark Side of the Sun
    (Nominated "Best Complete" and "Best Romance"/Spring Fanfic awards 2010)
    Mersaidies is an English singer, she joins Tokio Hotel on tour. What will happen? Will she fall in love with one of the boys? Will she get her heart broken? COMPLETED

    Human Connect to Human

    (Winner of "Best make-up" and nominated "Best Complete" and "Best Romance"/Spring Fanfic Awards 2010)
    After Tom and Mersaidies break-up and everything that goes with that. What will happen when they meet again at the MTV Music awards? SEQUEL TO DARK SIDE OF THE SUN & IS COMPLETED

    (Nominated as "Best Work In Progress" and "Best Tom centric"/Spring Fanfic awards 2010)
    He looked stunned. "What do you mean?"
    "You're Tom. Tom Kaulitz. I don't want to be a part of some one night stand with a rockstar who won't remember me a week later."

    Even though Tom didn't want to sleep with Ashlee for just one night, Tom and her becomes friends. What will happen? Can they stay friends? Or will they fall in love, just for all of it to be ruined by ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends, tour and school? COMPLETED

    What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas
    You wake up in a hotel room, which isn't yours. It's the German rockstar Tom Kaulitz's. Both of you can't remember how you ended up there, but could a marriage over night change something that would maybe just have been a one-night stand. What will happen when Tokio Hotel's manager, David Jost, decides to make this marriage of yours public to make the guys get in the "spotlight" again. Will you fall in love? Will there be hatred towards one another?

    ~You're The One I Want
    Tom has met his match. She has met her match.
    When Jessica is being sent on boarding school in Germany.. What could possibly make her stay more fun, in such a boring country of sausages and cars? DISCONTINUED

    Loving Somebody Else
    Brandi is in love with her best friend Tom. Tom is in love with somebody else. Bill is in love with Brandi. And Brandi's friend Neela is madly in love with Bill. What will happen when jealousy takes a part?

    Double Life
    When Bill accept living a double life, to go to college, what will happen when he falls in love with the girl who've asked him not to? And when that girl also keeps a secret?

    as said, I suck at summaries. the stories are (much) better than the summaries..

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    This are my stories:

    We Just Have Different Beliefs
    [Bill Fanfic]
    [Nominated for Best Romance in Spring Fanfic Awards 2010]

    Just out of high school, Soliel takes a vacation at L.A. Soliel is a New Yorker who doesn't believe in love. The risky business of all of it is something she is not ready for. Now, she meets Tokio Hotel in her vacation. As if by fate, she gets tangled up with Bill but she thinks that everything Bill had said in his interviews is a lie. Can Mr. Bill Kaulitz change her mind?

    Skittles - Scribbles

    [Best Bill Centric of Spring Fanfic Awards 2010]
    [Best Romance of Spring Fanfic Awards 2010]

    Two twelve years old meet on winter and falls for the fool's game they call love. Bill, always a deep soul falls head over heels for the raven-haired girl whom he calls 'Skittles'. However, the holidays comes to an end and she must leave. Both swears to come back if after eight years they can still find a reason to. Can they find their way back to each other? And if they can, will things be the same?

    Internship With Tom Kaulitz

    [Best Tom Centric of Spring Fanfic Awards 2010]
    [Best Suspense of Spring Fanfic Awards 2010]

    One summer, one internship with Tokio Hotel's playboy that will change everybody's lives! Sounds like fun! But would it be fun for one of the most stuck up girl to have ever existed to mingle and abide to Tom Kaulitz's wishes. The summer will be filled with twists and turns that would never had been expected - even Bill falls in love. Can Tom and the new Intern co-exist in the same environment? Will emotions surface and views change in one summer? Can love find its way to their vocabulary?

    Have You Grown Up Mr. Kaulitz
    [Sequel of Internship With Tom Kaulitz]

    Five years has passed since that summer that changed everyone's lives. They had grown old and learned a few things in life. People had come and go and experiences had thought them new thing. Secrets will come up. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is a choice. Has Mr. Kaulitz grown up? Which Mr. Kaulitz? What else has life have in store for them? Will emotions rekindle in this encounter? Will things be better the second time around?

    Vampire Desires
    They had been a couple for two weeks but no one knew about them. They were kept a secret. Not even Tom knew about Bill's secret affair. He loved her and so did she. But she held a secret, a secret that would be unveiled that night. The mystery would unfold.

    Pools of Scarlet Blanket
    The world of lies has finally gotten to him. He can't take it anymore. He's breaking down the wall of lies and showing his vulnerability. The pain drives him to the point of killing himself. Will he succeed? Or will his brother come in time to save him?

    My poems:

    My Thoughts on Paper

    This are some of my poems and I do hope you like them....
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    Conway, South Carolina...wishing for Germany.


    My fictions and descriptions:

    I'll Take the Shot for You

    Tom's life is in danger when a madman threatens the ones he loves. Nominated for Best Tragedy and Best Suspense for the 2010 Spring Fanfic Awards. Finished.

    Run To You

    This is the sequel to "I'll Take the Shot for You". Tom's life is going great after Kenneth's death. He is engaged, he has a son on the way...but when someone threatens Tom's happiness, what can Tom do to protect his new family?

    1,000 Oceans

    Deilia Krauss is sent to Germany for a year. And guess what? She's staying future German rockers, and one of them is hopelessly in love with her.

    Love Via E-Mail

    Liviana starts getting strange E-mails from Bill Kaulitz, or someone pretending to be Bill, and the only thing she wants to do is get to the bottom of it. All Bill wants to do is reunite with his long-lost sister.

    Stich ins Glück

    Livvy is one tortured soul. She is battered up in the hallways at school and misunderstood. When Bill reaches out to her, will he discover that it is too late?
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