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    My PG13 (and other ways) -suitable fanfics here


    Cranes flying above us

    At the end of everything, on our last breathe taking for eternity, it has been said that a person’s whole life is passing in front of their eyes, almost like a film.

    Your image was in every frame of my film. I’m not afraid.

    He has been speaking through the whole night. The questions have been dull, pointless, too familiar, and he had lied smoothly. Without a flinch of an eye, he had let the steam of fabricated truth to pour from his mouth, and in a constant, everlasting glow of flashes he has felt like dying and living at the same time.

    The he/ll


    Tears are pearls on a highway M10 from St.Petersburg to Moscow.


    ! My other fics, which are not suitable here for one reason or another (mostly R or NC17-rated) can be found at under the same name, Amdee. !

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    Dear Diary

    Tazmin Tanner lives in a world full of her own and other people's secrets. The only truth she'd ever known was proven false when her father died two weeks before her 20th birthday. Now out to prove to herself that she can make it truly on her own, she finds herself in the company of a sister she'd never known before, friends that she never thought she'd make, and one special guy who makes her heart confused and her mind reel.

    For a girl who doesn't believe in true love, she finds herself in a situation that drives her to believe that it might be okay to fall for someone, after all. But will she push him away? And if she does, will she be able to save herself from losing one of the most important people who has ever come into her life?

    The Way I Loved You

    Tazmin Tanner never wants to go back to Germany again.

    But her best friend is getting married, and she is the maid of honor. Her ex-boyfriend is in the wedding, and she hasn't talked to him for almost three years. He's never even held his own daughter.

    After the death of their friend Elli, the entire group has fallen apart. They're still friends, but not everyone is as close as they use to be. And there are problems between Tokio Hotel, including the facts that- one has a kid and a wife at home, one is still heartbroken from the loss of his girlfriend, and one has a child he's never gotten to hold, a girl he loves who hates his guts, and a secret that tore everyone in opposite directions in the first place.

    But some things never change- you can't take back the love you felt for someone, you can't take back the mistakes you made, and you can't change the past.

    The future, however, is your own.

    Let's see what they do with it.

    [Sequel to "Dear Diary", continuation of Tom and Tazmin's story]

    The Last Time I Saw You

    After the death of his long time girlfriend and wife, Shelby, Georg Listing has left himself in a hole. He's pushed away all of the people important to him, and the only thing left is his music.

    But when he finds a picture of an old friend, he can't stop remembering the good times he had with her. Nor can he forget the mistakes he made on his sixteenth birthday, the last time they were together.

    When Tokio Hotel goes to Miami to record their next album, he finds himself searching for a long lost friendship, a long lost friend, and for himself.

    But what if it all doesn't work out? What if all the effort he's put in to finding her, to be forgiven, all turns out to be for nothing? What if she doesn't want him to be in her life at all?

    And even more concerning- what if she does?

    Shades of Grey

    Let's go back in time to the year 1984. There were two seventeen year old guys named Royce Black and Charles White, best friends and neighbors their entire lives. They had been practically inseparable throughout their childhoods and teen years. Both football stars, both popular guys.

    That is until Royce started messing around with Charles's girlfriend Bethany. Charles found out months after the first encounter, and dumped both Bethany and his best friend on the spot. He got revenge by dating Royce's former girlfriend and first love, Mackenzie. Both couples married and, because of the bad blood, set out on destroying the other family's reputation.

    Now it's the year 2010. Charles and Mackenzie White's daughter, Melinda, and Royce and Bethany Black's daughter, Elizabeth, have both recently graduated from the same high school. Elizabeth valedictorian, Melinda salutatorian. Their parent's hatred toward each other has caused the girls, and their siblings, to have a hatred for the other family as well.

    When both Elizabeth and Melinda are accepted into a transfer program to go to German schools, their rivalry deepens. Despite the fact that they have to live in the same house, they avoid each other at every chance. If they can't avoid each other, they make the other miserable.

    Enter Georg Listing.

    The girls both want his attention. They both want him. He's smart, funny, and he's a musician- which is undeniably sexy. The problem is that he still has a girlfriend. However, he still starts to get to know both girls as friends.

    Are you wondering what's going to happen now that both girls have their sights set on the same guy? Find out, and read their story.

    There You'll Be

    Wo ist Gustav Shafer gegangen?

    Every magazine and paper is wondering this question: Where has Gustav Shafer gone?

    The boys of Tokio Hotel are keeping their lips sealed about their drummer, who hasn't been seen in months. The media is going crazy, the fans are concerned.

    While all of this is happening in Europe, Gustav is hiding out in Seattle, Washington, where few people know his name and even fewer recognize him. After a family tragedy takes a hold of his life, he finds the need to get away from the spotlight for a while and lay low. As a german in Seattle, it's not as easy as it seems. But no one there truly pays much attention to him, and he is left to be on his own for the first time in his life.

    After one crazy night at a club, Gustav finds himself on a crazy adventure with a girl named Rhiannon, her dog, and no cell phone in the Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska.

    On this adventure, there's no knowing what he'll find- terror, exhaustion, love, or the truth to why he's really running from what and who he loves.


    Bill Kaulitz is one of the most wanted men in the world. He has fans who scream his name, who would give anything to simply get to know him. He has the world's greatest friends, a great- if not a bit broken- family, all the money in the world, and he's living his dream.

    The only thing he doesn't have is love. She made sure to rip his heart out, slowly and painfully, until love was something foreign and unknown to him. Despite his talk about love at first sight, he now uses it as an excuse not to get close to anyone. He uses this to his advantage, it's just he and his band now, and they're going to blow minds all over the world with their music. What's one girl, anyway?

    In private, he's now a bitter person. The ties that hold Tokio Hotel have been loosening, their relationships all heading the other direction. His brother will hardly talk to him anymore, and it seems the only friend he truly has left in the band in Gustav, and even that relationship is falling to bits.

    When sweet, charming, hard-headed, and sarcastic Yvette Mercer comes into the picture, all is chaos in the world of Tokio Hotel. Will this one girl, who has so many problems of her own, be able to save the delicate relationship between the boys? And will she be able to make Bill see that, just maybe, it's okay to feel sometimes.

    Consequence of You

    Faye Jackson is the epitome of a great artist. She has the kind of life any girl would die for- a music and modeling career, a great and tight-knit family, fantastic friends, and a great management team that both keeps her busy and keeps her personal life personal. She's a target for the paparazzi, and she's taking the world by storm.

    This Florida beauty is a lot more than she appears, though. Her best friend Victoria is her co-writer and guitarist. Together they write songs that both inspire and make people wonder about the kind of lives they lived before their careers, which they keep to themselves.

    Tokio Hotel has taken interest in the two girls, and have also joined their label. Now they work underneath two young woman who could easily rip their hearts out.

    The media wonders about Faye's sexuality, and on the same note, they are all curious about who Georg Listing's girlfriend is. Gustav Schaffer has a silent problem, and it seems the only person who can help him is the brown-haired beauty named Victoria.

    Together, these four have to figure out how to keep one thing in the spot light, leave everything else out of it, and keep their careers the center of the media's attention. But how can you do that when your personal lives are such an intriguing mystery?

    Not to mention the problems the two twin brothers cause along the way.

    One lie turns into a truth, while another truth is slowly coming to the media's attention. The consequences are dire. Can they pull their lives together, or will they fall apart under the pressure?

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    My fanfics:

    Something that changed our lives...

    One night and one room could change two peoples lives forever...


    17 year old izabella has always had a positive attitude. From being abused from her mother, to being homeless since she was 15.... And now the day has come for Karma to pay her back.

    Has hope come at last?

    Anabell has become an outsider in school since her mom died. She has lost most of her friends; besides one. one who's been there through it all. one who celebrated her birthdays with her. one who went shopping with her. And one who excepts her for who she has become. Will the two new kids at school be able to heal Anabell and her friend? or will the new kid just make the scar worse?

    Revenge[Short FF]

    It's been a year since Gustav's father's life was taken because he was Jewish and now they're trying to take him and his mom. Gustav has been miserable since the day he begged the guard to let his father free. Now all Gustav wants is revenge on the Nazi's and plans something to end everything, but will the plan work or backfire?

    Bittersweet Symphony[Short FF]

    A horrible accident. Suicide. Falling in love. Cheating. Drinking. Drug dealer. Tragedy.

    True Love a Gift Or Curse?[Short FF]
    Bill is starting to wonder if Tom is right..

    Fairy Tale of Love
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    Default Sully's Fanfic's!

    Jung Und Frei[Young and Free] *sequel to Break Away*
    It is the year 2012. Alec and Bill continue their live together, along with the band, and a French Model, Renee. TH is nominated for an MTV award again, and they all go to Berlin. Who should they meet, but the media-moron Perex Hilton, who, in the previous story, became not too fond of Alec when she slapped him in the face. Along on the ride are the twins Jett and Nox, Bill and Alec's kids. Then all goes to h3ll when they're a week away from the performance, and Alec gets preggers again.

    I'm Only Gonna Break Your Heart(Tom FanFic)
    Tom based, but has a lot of POV's with people. Nora is a senior in New York. Two years before she dated Tom Kaulitz, which ended in a nasty breakup. Now Tom has a plastic beeyotch hanging off his arm, Georg and Gustav are the note passers, and the twins are starting a war on who will get her back first. Underneath it all, unknown enemies threaten her about information, which brings her self-proclaimed bodyguard into the scene. Along with her best friend Holly, her annoying used to be friend, but thinks he's the boyfriend Elijha, Nora has a lot on her plate.

    Forgotten Children{BillFF}
    Kitsune Ema is a half american half japanese girl who moves to Magdenburg with her abusive Mom. While there she meets Lutz(the school rapist), Bill and Tom (the twins, Bill becomes her boyfriend), Lily Von Der Harr(her best friend) and Snow White(the british school pyscho in lace and leather). When Bill and Tom get kidnapped for no reason, the rest of the band, Kitsune, Lily and Snow go off to save them. But they have to hurry. They're running out of time.

    Every Missing Piece of Me(I can Find in A Melody)[Tom Fanfic For xxDarkxxDesiresxx]
    Mariella Adams. 16. All her life things were great. Until her sister died two years ago. Her life crashes, and her parents wish she was the one who died in that bridge accident. The bridge ties everything together, where she meets Tom Kaulitz, falls in love, breaks her heart, looses her sister, and tries to get rid of her own life. She starts missing too many pieces. The songs might not help anymore.

    I also have a joint Fic with BillKaulitzLover101(aka Fox) and N026(aka Nelly) called Dancing in the Rain. Three girls go on tour with Tokio Hotel. Gustav happens to be gay, and Tom ruins the bus in a failed attempt when they try to give him a bath. Funny after funny thing happens as the boys get pushed to the limit with the three girls. the might have to replace their buses several times.
    whooo...that took a while to type!
    pleze read!!
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    Default Fall's Stories

    My true fanfictions.

    6.15.2010 : Fangirl Management

    My stories inspired by songs from Tokio Hotel.

    6.14.2010 : "Insert Song Title Here"
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    My story Corruptivity, its c o-write with my friend Ash...two fans get kidnapped by TH and tortured.
    Tara has a drug addiction and Tom just wants to help.
    Tom oneshot...
    Bill oneshot...his wife is dying and has cancer, all the while being pregnant. Bill doesnt know she's dying though.

    My name is Riz. Nicetameetcha.

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    Mine is always in my signature... ^.^
    It's called The Decision... A Bill fanfic
    >.> It's dramatic. So if u like that stuff... Clickyy downn theree..
    V_V <-- where this dude is looking
    but not on mii face Dx

    Just remember.... I'll always love you <3

    Mii twinnie is mrs.tomkaulitz1101 >,..,>
    Pwease read mii FF!

    The Decision (Bill FF)

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    Ich Kann Nicht Es Mehr Nehmen!

    Natalie Bishop is a normal girl with a terrible secret. After years of having dark halloucenations and a tragic fear of love, she meets Bill Kaulitz, a German rockstar with a heart as big as his fanbase. Can the two conquer their fears and finally fall in love with eachother?

    Schreinen sie Mich ein Fluss!

    Natalie is back and ready for a new life! Her father is gone, along with her fears, and now she feels ready for anything.

    Except a new crush! Can Natalie trust Bill enough to understand, or will she fall for this new guy? And will a surprising secret bring Natalie and Bill closer than ever before? Find out in this heartwarming sequel to Ich Kann

    Po, ehe, und ein bundel anderen zeugs!

    So, Natalie and Bill are finally engaged.What now? As the couple face some challenging obsticles, and nearly get killed, can they finally have the family they deserve? Plus, when a descision threatens to tear Natalie's friends apart forever, can Natalie finally pull herself together enough to make them realize the truth? Or will it be too late?

    Ich Liebe Dich: a th fanfic

    Bill Kaulitz is your average, everyday German rockstar. Or, so he thought. When he meets the girl of his dreams, can she unlock the secrets Behind the missing branches of the Kaulitz family tree?

    Come here Rude Boy.... A Tom kaulitz fanfic

    Analese Schafer is a professional competitive hip hop dancer. And she's only fourteen! But she hides an important secret: she's the cousin of German Rockstar, Gustav Schäfer, drummer for Tokio Hotel! When she is reunited with him finally after ten years, will she finally have a home? Or will her secret forbidden love be revealed? Secrets are revealed, homes are destroyed, and lives are in danger. Can a simple dance off solve everything?

    ~I guess I got my wish, Tom. Love, Bill.~

    Bill wishes he never knew Tom! After a huge fight, bill wishes Tom was not his brother. After he falls off a balcony and suffers amnesia, did he get his wish?

    *~Cruises, Kaulitz, and Bloodsuckers!~*

    A fanfic by me and Chey! (nightsabra)

    When the band Tokio Hotel gets on a cruise, they think that it's going to be a nice little vacation. They were wrong... Vampires soon take over the ship, and all he'll brakes loose!

    ~*Critical Condition: oneshot~*

    A true oneshot about my best frined Caroline (Devilishgirl)....RIP Liebe.

    The Little Three
    Tommi Rae is a normal girl, or so she thinks! When she discovers that she is the daughter of Hades, god of the Underworld, her whole life is changed forever. Can she master the powers given to her by her mother Phalanx in time to save her friends trapped in the Protected Feilds?

    In the eyes of you

    Choose your own path to becoming the worlds greatest spy. Your first task? Kidnap the Kaulitzs!!!!

    Just a sad depressing poem....
    a poem I wrote for someone that thought they loved me....

    The Boy in the Closet
    The first true story about a ghost, told by himself, written down by me. Join Maxim as he tells you all the secrets of the world beyond this one, and the secret life of two seers: Kayana and Oreajou.

    The fence

    a poem about confusion, and choosing the right path in life.

    Listen to me a Bill and Tom oneshot

    What would happen if Tom quit the band? Find out here!

    Rush County

    Is there a place beyond this world, where children can go to have a second chance? Yes. Rush County. A nice, quiet, peacefull place.

    That is...untill she came....

    Run from The Pajihnopih^&^


    Bad blood is running through the Kaulitz's veins. Will Bill choose the right destiny?


    All the staff want is for celeberties to be in their new video game. They've picked the greatest from all arround the world. Amy Lee from Evanescence, Tom and Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, and some new surprising faces along the way. All they want are celeberties in their game..


    So kids can finally controll them! That's why!

    ^&^Bill the Phantom^&^
    A little oneshot about Phantom of the Opera....with a Kaulitz twist!
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    Default ----Mary's FanFics----

    Monsoon to Love? (Bill FanFic) **Un-finished**
    Summary: After the breakup of his girlfriend, he loses hope in himself, and he feels empty. He then daydreams of a girl he wants, but can't seem to find. His Monsoon he names her by. Will they meet or will Bill have to forget her?

    (More are coming soon!)
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    Bill Fanfics coming soon!
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    All she wanted was a job a little less ordinary. That’s when a position as a Tour Nurse became available. She took it a ran.

    Then she met Bill.

    He took her heart and left her utterly, and unequivocally speechless.

    He broke her heart and left her damaged...and pregnant.

    3 years down the road...He wants her and the life he gave up all back.

    And she just might be willing to try.

    24 Chapters- COMPLETED. CLICK HERE to read Speechless

    Here comes the showdown.What goes around, comes around. And the crowd's all waiting. For you to play...

    Sequel to Speechless. Told 10 years later through the twins Jayce and Addylee's eyes. What happens when the next line of Kaulitz twins decide to fall in love?

    WIP- CLICK HERE to read Showdown

    I came for land...and to feed.
    That's when I saw her.
    Lady Belyeu.
    Now I fight for her.
    Now I know passion.

    WIP. CLICK HERE to read To Taste You.

    .*:*.Joint Story with Khaos.*:*.

    Nikki and Daisy are just two ordinary girls who reside in lovely Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bill and Tom are rockstars whom fate has decided to smite with the breaking of their tour bus on their way to the Keys. Nikki, the owner of the best auto shop on the beach, is in charge of fixing it so the boys can quickly be on their way. But will this little pit stop be just what both Bill and Nikki need to finally secure the love in their lives?

    This is....Breaking Down.

    WIP. CLICK HERE to read Breaking Down.
    .:.Facebook.:.Formspring.:.Fanfictions.:.Brandi's Vids.:.tumblr.:.

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