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    Apparently, one coke is all it takes
    Kara is a girl with a dark torturous past. It's been 5 years and she meets Tom Kaulitz. Tom manages to drug Kara's coke and she wakes up in Tom's bed the next morning. Bill and Kara get to know eachother just as Kara's past comes back to haunt her.

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    Apparently, one Coke is all it takes.

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    Taion - [One-Shot] LINK
    A One-Shot: Junko Furuta's unfortunate fate. The GazettE -"Taion" (Body Temperature)

    New Summer Memories... LINK
    A girl name Engel leaves her best friend behind, because her dad has a wonderful job oppertunity. She unknowingly meets a famous band, and her life changes drastically. Tokio Hotel is her future. Will things ever be the same again? New summer memories are made.

    _Alone at Heart_ LINK
    (School Project posted on forum)
    A girl who's been an indentured servant in the 1700's finds one friend on an adventure of a lifetime. Just after the French and Indian war, she escapes, to look for true freedom. With a best friend by her side, she travels by foot for an unknown outcome.

    ░| Too Famous For You |░ LINK
    The president's daughter finds herself in a situation. She runs away to be with a new stone in her path: Tokio Hotel. She's in danger, being the president's daughter. Kaleigh has made a mistake... but will anything go right? Will likeing this band be bad for the whole country?

    Joint-Fic by me and _TokioHotel_4Ever: Ninja-Billa LINK
    Skittle factories all over the world are getting shut down by some evil genius, and Bill is the only one who can stop him. Gusti trains him and sends him off. He runs into obstacles and weird things along the way. But eventually, he finds out who's behind it all and stops him. The world loves him even more and becomes the biggest hero ever. Even bigger than superman lol...
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    Click the pics...
    Twenty Three,Wolves of lust...

    Tom gets sent away because of some disease, where kids turn into wolves, he comes back 7 years later alpha of a HUGE pack, but its hard enough when bill transforms a lil late, and he learns that twins cant lead a pack with out causing trouble, the run away,soon noticing it was a bad idea..

    Bad Blood...

    Tom has an internal bleeding problem and cant play guitar for the band any more, he leaves and along the road he runs into two girls,Payton And Mersaidies, He and the girls go live with Toms dad, while bill and the others try to protect Tom from an unknown evil that runs through his vains...

    Rogue, crocs dont get that big...

    Tom and his new girlfriend,Holly, drags her excorsist sister,Sam to Toms dads place in crumplebottem lake, but...everything isnt what it seems when Sam finds danger lurking in that small lake...

    The Wedding~Short Story

    Bill Is best friends with a girl called Kara,But He wants to be more, Unfortunatly she is getting married to a man called Cody and Bill has been un-invited from the wedding
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    Loving a Superstar is not easy - Bill&Tom FF

    A couple of twin girls just moved into town and they met the Kaulitz twins. After a long friendship they leave and when they come back they find out that a terrible acident occured to them.
    Will Monet and Milan remember them... mostly Milan?

    ugh XD Sucky summary, better read the FF is muuuuuuuch better than the summary.

    You may rest now. One-Shot -

    A little One-shot I wrote after finding out one of my brother's childhood friends died. My mother was really close to her family so I was there too. A little bit of refleccion but most a tribute for her. Rest PZ. ^^

    "Please, Kaulitz..." Tom FF - FINISHED -
    A girl named Clarette gets pregnat from Tom and 3 years later she runs into him again. Tom kind of finds out about his daughter who is named Tommie... What will happen? -maybe will be turned into a fanfic-
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    FaerieatHeart's Fics

    What happens backstage
    Jamie has her life all planned out and is working hard to make it happen. Fate, however, has her mind set on other plans.(On a temporary hiatus)

    Is This Truly Happening?
    After one fateful, cliche concert night, Sophie is suddenly thrown together with the boys of Tokio Hotel, in a scenario that only happens in movie (and fan fics lol). The most pure portrayal of how I would react if I were living a fan fic plot line.

    No! Don't Read That!(One-Shot)
    What would happen if a fanfic writer starting dating Tom, and he found out about her stories? A TH fanfic author's worst nightmare.

    Not Like the Movies
    A short story based on Katy Perry's song and my own feelings about the perfect movie love.
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    Hi to all i'm Diana Vymm!
    Hope you guys can check out my novels

    want to read?
    just click the picture


    for BOOK 2 of the novel above this


    for BOOK 2 of the novel above this

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    Default DawnMay

    Dawn's Fan-Fictions
    Click on the below pictures...

    Tanya got shifted to Germany where she met Bill Kaulitz. They fell in love and stayed together but many problems arrived. Will they be able to go through those? Plus there is something that Tanya doesn't know about him... do you think she'll come to know?

    Battle Of Love

    There was a girl, Tanya. She hated the Kaulitz twins, reason no one knows except her and her father who was sent to take care of Tokio Hotel in place of David who was on a long vacation. Tanya has to come over with her dad and she meets the Kaulitz twins. Bill turns out to like her while Tom didn't. She knew something that Kaulitz didn't and they needed to know that information. She didn't knew something that Kaulitz did and she must know what it is. Do you think love will rise? As she seems to hate them to death. Do you think they'll know what they don't?

    Bitter Revenge (Completed)

    Tanya, world's renown actress was Bill Kaulitz, world's renown singer and fashion icon's best friend. There seemed to occur a problem between them and so Bill stops talking to her and breaks everything between them by accepting Barbara as his girlfriend. This story starts after a year when they had forgotten about each other. They meet again, in a ship which went towards Europe from Japan. While on the journey, a storm comes and they are stuck on an island where Tanya tortures herself so that either she may die or gain Bill's attention, but he is too cold hearted. She find a train on that non-populated island. Who could have been living there? And will Bill's heart turn loving towards Tanya? Or will Tanya die before that because of the torture that she is giving herself?

    This is a one-shot song-fiction on 'My Immortal - Evanescence'. It'a about Bill.

    Simone made a promise to get Bill married when he turns 21. She selects a girl for Bill who was totally opposite to Bill, as everyone knew. Simone really loves that girl and wishes to make her daughter-in-law. Bill doesn't want to hurt his mother and so he agrees to the wedding. Will the two be able to tolerate each other? After being the two ends of a corner.
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    Don't Let These Innocent Eyes Fool You

    The members of Tokio Hotel and David Jost share a secret from the past.
    When mysterious girl named Stella Klein joins the team, the atmosphere gets anxious and things start to happen.
    In the end, she's the one who puts together all the missing puzzle pieces and reveals the whole picture.

    You Almost Killed Me!

    Annabell gets into a car accident with world known band Tokio Hotel. When Annabell's mother dies she moves in with her aunt in Germany. In an odd way she and the four Germans become friends. And before she knows it, she's in a teen romance.
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    Hi. I am new to the fanfic world but I am really enjoying the writing! I hope you enjoy Bill and Jessi's story...

    Bill's Assistant

    Jessi moved to Germany to escape her troubled past. The death of her parents and the devastating end of her four year relationship left her empty and alone, so when she was offered a job as an executive assistant for the head of a major record company, she jumped at the opportunity. What she didn't expect to find in the hustle and bustle of the music industry was true love and the adventure of a lifetime that nearly takes her life and liberty as she finds herself in love with world known rock star, Bill Kaulitz. But life in the public eye isn't always as glamorous as it seems, and danger always lurks close by...
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    Passion Fruit

    Take two pieces of celebrity bff. Add a pair of international twin brothers, some other hot celebrities, put the rest of the twins’ band in, the girl’s band as well, and add some paparazzi, nasty rumors, crazy people and romance in and you got a perfect recipe.

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    They hurted her. Now they have to pay for everything. But most of all one person. And Rosie's gonna have a special treatment for him, one he will not forget his entire life.
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