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Thread: My humanoid city concert in Vienna 30.03.2010

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    Default My humanoid city concert in Vienna 30.03.2010

    Hi all,

    For my first post on this forum, I'll to make a review to my Humanoid City in Vienna experience this year. The opinions are personal and is my point of view upon my first concert experience with the band.

    So, It was late in November 2009 when I planned my trip this year to Vienna. I was looking for a week holiday abroad in a closer country while it would have been my first this kind of expedition, so I checked the options for Austria, Czech Republic or Hungary. The dates for their concerts were advised shortly before so while it was one of my desires to see this praised band in a live show this was the chance to merge it with the trip. I was looking for them for less than 8 months then and reviewed all their career until then in a short period of time. I must say that the curiosity was higher than in all other cases before. So, I checked a online tickets selling website in Romania (my country) and have the great surprise to see that the tickets for the Vienna venue were available. This was done and Vienna were the selected destination for the holiday and the concert. I posted a message on the Romanian fan club website asking if anybody else was interested in going to the concert. I must say that the first time I posted it without being very convinced that will be any pretenders, but I had the great surprise to see that there were already several persons that had bought tickets and attended to the concert. So that was great, the adventure were ready to start. There were four months of plans and debates. My "innocent" invitation became something that more persons adhered to every day. They planed ideas for a gift to the band, for all the necessary accessories for the concert, they got in contact with the Austrian fan club to obtain all the needed details about the event and the auxiliary actions and finally the crazy thing was ready to happen. In the end we were about 20 Romanian fans from all over the country going for the concert. I left for Vienna a few days before the concert while I planned an extended sitting there and have several days before and after the concert to see the city. It was a fantastic experience and a place that I fell in love with from the first second I stepped there. A very beautiful, warm and quiet city like I didn't believe it.

    I had 2 days to visit most of the city and the evening before the concert I met with some of the other Romanian fans that were already in town and attend the warm up party organized by the Austrian fan club in a traditional Mexican pub right in the heart of the city. It was the opportunity to met and talk to the other Romanian fans while we had never met before and with other fans from Austria, Germany, England and Czech Republic that came for the concert. Our team was the single one were the boys were present (3 from 7 persons). We also were remarked as the big winners of the organized lottery there and got 3 prizes . The most important think it was that we were introduced in the atmosphere and met fans from other countries so that the next day everything was more familiar and the waiting in front of the venue was more pleasant. Arrived about 4 o'clock in the evening after another walk in the city and in front of Stadthale (the venue) there were already 1000 people. Also, there were fans in the park in front of the venue. Some of them talking, singing, taking photos and many of them already tired after staying in front of the venue starting morning maybe. Passing the hours, the fans came more and more. Everything were all organized and supervised. Fans of different ages from 5 to 40. That made a big and nice surprise to me. We gave our gifts for the band to the Austrian fan club chief and finally around 6 o'clock the gates opened for the audience. There were organized checking filters at the entrance and everybody were very patient. No scrimmage or conflicts. Finally we were in and taking the seats. The crowd gradually filled the hall. I start to talk with fans around me. Right near me there was a girl that found out about the concert that day from somebody who sold her a ticket. Sure it was not a big fan, but she came to see the band and was very lucky to get a good seat near the stage. The venue was not full, I can say that about 6000 peoples maybe from a total capacity around 7000. There were fans form England, Denmark, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Sweden, Romania, France, Germany and more maybe, but this was not important. There were only fans and the atmosphere was very nice. The hall filled in about 1 hour. It was Tuesday and some of them were at school or work so it took about 8 for the show to start. It was a long waiting, but the band didn't start the concert before everybody were in, although they were following to leave for next day event in Zurich that evening. The background music alternating Tokio Hotel and various artists accompanied the waiting in the venue and entertained the audience. Around 8 Tom and Gustav made a short sound check behind the curtain to ensure that the instruments are ok. The crowd started to scream and make some noise while the background music stops suddenly, lights were down and the scene were ready to push Bill out of his egg . The venue were filled with a big noise and everybody were ready for the Humanoid experience. All the lights, pyrotechnic effects, stage accessories and Bill's outfits made a huge, powerful and impressive image of the show. The sound was good, loud but clear, and all the band members had lots of personal moments and interacted with the crowd. Tom and Georg made a lot of duels like never before, Gustav was in the middle of the view on top of the stage, Bill talked and singed along with the audience during Ubers ende der welt, Durch den monsum, Alien, and Lass uns laufen. The Austrian fan club prepared a nice fan action for Alien with big green alien faces on papers that were handed to the fans before the concert. Almost entire German set list excepting Dogs unleashed and In your shadow (I think that it was one more, but don't remember right now). The fans also were great and support the band during the show. The time passed very quick and getting out of the Stadthale at the end of the show we met again and share our impressions about what happened. Two of the youngest members of the Romanian group came with their mothers. We met them one night before at the warm up party and they were surprised and a little bit cautious to see us came in Vienna for a Tokio Hotel concert. They said something like: "Yeah, all of you came for the concert. Mnah. Not so interesting". The moms also got tickets to the show, and at the meeting after the concert they were the ones that talked the most about the event and were so enthusiastic . The truth is that I think that no one of us could imagine before how it will be, although we sow all the videos from the previous concerts in the tour. It was incomparably to be there and like we would have seen the show for the first time. It is amazing to see that huge and futuristic stage a few meters in front of you, to hear the crowd singing and dancing around you, to fell the heat of the flames blowing out the floor of the stage, to see all the visual effects and accessories on the stage. Only being there you can realize the right size of the entire conception of a show like that.

    The next two days some of us remained in Vienna for the rest of the holiday. We went together to the Schonbrun Palace and late in the evening to Prater, a big amusement park in Europe. We've already became friends even meting each other a few days before, and yeah, the felling was great to be there together. One of our group members continued her vacation in Madrid the next days and also attended to the Tokio Hotel concert there, so we all believe her so lucky .

    The trip came to an end, but all of us returned with a great impression and felling after this experience. Everybody was so enthusiastic because of being there and waiting for the next chance to go to a concert. Next year I plan to see Prague in the Czech Republic or to return to the lovely Vienna again. And also, another opportunity for a Tokio Hotel concert would make the trip memorable again.

    2 months distance today , but all is still so fresh and alive. I highly recommend Vienna for a vacation if you like a place full of history, culture and warm. If you have the chance to travel there, don't miss it. If you have the chance to go to a Tokio Hotel concert, also make all the efforts and be there. The band need you around them and you'll be rewarded with a great musical experience.
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    The time passed very quick
    That just sucks, time always passes so quickly, when it shouldn't! Although sometimes i have experienced the slow mode aswell when something good takes place... Thanx for your review. i sure have much warmer feelings for Vienna after reading!

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    Ce dragut, deci esti romanca
    Abia astept sa merg la primul meu concert dar habar n-am cand va fi asta... presupun ca dupa ce am cel putin 18, nu?
    Support the arts- sleep with rockstars.


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