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15 years of “Monsoon” – Tokio Hotel releases an all-new version of their global mega-hit

They say life is what happens while you’re making other plans – turns out that`s especially true facing a global pandemic. In March 2020, Tokio Hotel were supposed to embark on an extended tour through Latin America. But then the outbreak of the Coronavirus shook the world, shock-froze the entire music business and terminated their tour right after the third show in Guadalajara. Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav, had to cancel their flight to Quito, Ecuador and redirect courses to Los Angeles and Magdeburg, their home in Germany.   

But what’s the point in letting a quarantine crush your spirits, right? And since Bill and Tom are practically living in their L.A. home recording studio and constantly video-chatting with Gustav and Georg anyways, they might as well continue to work on new material. Follow up on some idea here, write some new lyrics there – for other artists and their very own band alike.

After all, the exact same work ethos had already spawned their 2019 singles “Melancholic Paradise”, “When It Rains It Pours” and “Chateau”. But to take that output, wrap it up with some new songs and release an album in these trying and utterly uncertain times? Just didn’t feel right.

So why not use the forced hiatus to take a breath, go within and maybe even reminisce on some cherished memories? Especially when 2020 marks the 15th anniversary since the band released the German version of their global mega-hit “Monsoon”. When it’s been over a decade that has seen its members put out six studio albums, sell more than 10 million records and win over 70 platinum and 120 gold awards, as well as 110 national and international music awards in 68 countries.

So Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg spent days and nights diving into their archives, rummaging forgotten pictures and videos, revisiting old schedules and taking their Instagram followers on a nostalgic journey back in time. They re-posted early band photos, backstage snapshots and screenshots of the single charts from the release week of “Durch den Monsun”. And then they topped off this #timemachine-trip with the announcement of a new version of their iconic song.

“We wondered what ‘Monsoon’ would sound like if 2020 was the first time we ever recorded it”, Bill explains. “We talked about an acoustic version, collaborated with producers and had other artists do remixes of the song. But somehow it just wasn’t what we wanted. So eventually, like so many times before, we ended up doing it ourselves. A couple of minutes later we had a beat that sounded like a trip, a journey – which is exactly what we have always associated with that song. Everything that happened to us throughout these last 15 years had started with that song.”

“Monsoon is not just about memories of 2005. It’s a song that has always accompanied us during these last 15 years”, Georg adds. “For us this song is closely tied to all of our major successes. We have played it live at the Eiffel Tower, in front of 500.000 on Bastille Day. We have played it at our very first gig in the US and during every single tour that followed. And it’s always been the highlight of every show.”

“Monsoon 2020” has a driving beat, mellow guitars, vibing vocal samples and a melody both close enough and yet entirely different to the original – all of which makes the song a nostalgic tribute to the past and a candid glance into the future. “Everyone remembers the lyrics and connects them to feelings they felt during a specific time in their lives. But we also wanted the new version to resonate with the here and now”, Bill says. “I believe 2020 has been rough for a lot of people, so the words of the song are still very relevant today.” And this much may be revealed: “Monsoon 2020” is only just the beginning. The first of several singles yet to be released.